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For many years, tourists and nature lovers have been drawn to the lovely hill town of Kodaikanal, which is nestled among the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India. Kodaikanal, also referred to as the “Princess of Hill Stations,” is a well-liked vacation spot for both Indian and foreign visitors looking for a break from the rush of city life because of its breathtaking scenery, agreeable climate, and serene atmosphere.


The natural beauty of Kodaikanal is unmatched. At a height of about 2,000 metres above sea level, the hill station provides stunning views of mist-covered valleys, lush forests, and shimmering lakes. The Kodaikanal Lake, a man-made marvel surrounded by gently sloping hills and rich vegetation, is without a doubt the town’s main draw. Visitors can enjoy boating activities on the lake while taking in the picturesque splendour of their surroundings.

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For those seeking respite from the oppressive heat of the plains, Kodaikanal is the perfect location because to its mild and pleasant environment throughout the year. While the winters are chilly with lows of around 8 degrees Celsius, the summers are temperate and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 20 to 36 degrees Celsius. Refreshing showers during the monsoon season (June to August) add to the ethereal appeal of this highland station.

Tourist Attraction:

The town has a variety of other attractions in addition to the Kodaikanal Lake that appeal to a wide range of interests. Bryant Park’s extensive assortment of flowers and hybrids makes it a horticultural joy, providing a colourful and pleasant experience. Coaker’s Walk is a beautiful promenade with breathtaking panoramic views of the plains and valleys below, making it a favourite location for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Kodaikanal Lake

Places to visit in Kodaikanal in 1 day:

Three enormous granite structures known as Pillar Rocks stand majestically and offer stunning views of the surroundings. Another well-liked location is the Dolphin’s Nose viewpoint, which provides a bird’s-eye perspective of high cliffs and a mesmerising panorama of the Western Ghats.

Berijam Lake and the nearby wildlife reserve are a must-see for anyone hoping to learn more about the area’s diverse flora and animals. The sanctuary is a refuge for environment lovers and wildlife photographers because it is home to several indigenous species of flora and animals.

Here are some of the top places to visit in kodaikanal:

Kodaikanal Pine Forest

  1. Kodaikanal Lake
  2. Coaker’s walk
  3. Piller Rock
  4. Bryant Park
  5. Dolphin’s Nose View point
  6. Silver Cascade park
  7. Pine Forest
  8. Green Vally
  9. Guna Caves
  10. Bear Shola Falls

Kodaikanal Piller Rock

List of things to do in Kodaikanal:

  1. Boating
  2. Cycling
  3. Walking in Coaker’s walk view
  4. Taste different Chocolates

Cultural Delights and Activities in Kodaikanal:

Not only is Kodaikanal known for its natural beauty, but it also has a thriving cultural history. To find exquisitely created trinkets, homemade chocolates, and scented oils, tourists can browse the neighbourhood markets and handicraft stores. The pleasant and warm ambiance of the town is enhanced by the hospitable residents.

Adventurers can engage in sports like horseback riding, cycling, and hiking to discover the undiscovered wonders of the Kodaikanal region. Kodaikanal offers activities for everyone, whether they prefer a quiet stroll through the woodland pathways or an exhilarating climb up to the neighbouring hills.

Kodaikanal park

The appeal of Kodaikanal rests in its capacity to offer a haven in the arms of nature. It is a popular vacation spot for people looking for a tranquil and restorative retreat because of the area’s temperate climate, stunning scenery, and charming culture. Visitors to Kodaikanal, a gem among the hill stations of India, can’t help but be enchanted by the timeless magic of the town as the sun sets over the Western Ghats and casts a golden glow on the landscape.

Kodaikanal Hill

How to reach Kodaikanal: 

By Air: Madurai Airport (IXM), which is situated about 120 kilometres from Kodaikanal, is the closest airport. You can take a bus or a taxi to get to Kodaikanal from Madurai. Depending on traffic and the state of the roads, the trip takes between three and four hours. To Book tickets Click Here.

By Train: Kodai Road Railway Station (KQN), located around 80 kilometres from Kodaikanal, is the closest significant rail hub. You may get to the hill station via bus or cab from Kodai Road. The trip to Kodaikanal takes between two and three hours from the train station.

By Road: Kodaikanal is well connected by roads, you can reach the hill station in different cities.

Kodaikanal Road

Best time to visit Kodaikanal – March to September is the best time to visit here.

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