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India’s Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its historical and architectural significance, is situated in the southern state of Karnataka. Hampi, which served as the Vijayanagara Empire’s capital for a time, is now a captivating fusion of magnificent ruins, exquisite temples, and spectacular scenery.

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Top Places to visit in Hampi:

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Virupaksha Temple:

The spiritual and architectural center of Hampi is the Virupaksha Temple. The Dravidian architectural style is perfectly exemplified in this Lord Shiva temple from the seventh century. With its imposing gopuram (entry tower) and exquisite carvings of legendary tales and gods, it is a stunning sight.

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Virupaksha Temple hampi

Hampi Bazaar:

The Hampi Bazaar, a busy thoroughfare that was once a vibrant marketplace during the Vijayanagara era, is located next to the Virupaksha Temple. The vestiges of ancient buildings and pillared pavilions that surround the bazaar give it a unique ambience that takes you back in time.

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Hampi Bazaar

Vittala Temple:

One of Hampi’s most well-known sights is the Vittala Temple, which is renowned for its Stone Chariot and the melodic pillars in its hall. The intricately carved outside walls of the temple display tales from Hindu mythology. The Stone Chariot, a magnificent stone edifice in the shape of a chariot, is a symbol of Hampi and exhibits the remarkable craftsmanship of the time.

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Vittala Temple Hampi

Lotus Mahal:

Within the Zenana Enclosure lies the exquisite pavilion known as the Lotus Mahal, which is thought to have served as a royal women’s recreation center. Hampi’s distinctive architectural fusion of Rajput and Islamic styles is evidence of the city’s diverse cultural influences.

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Lotus Mahal Hampi

Elephant Stables:

As the name implies, the royal elephants were housed in this impressive building. The Elephant Stables showcase a combination of Indo-Islamic architectural elements with its domed chambers and arched entrances.

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Elephant Stables Hampi

 Hemakuta Hill Temples:

Hemakuta Hill is covered in a variety of tiny temples and shrines, all of which provide breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings of Hampi. The old structures and the hill’s natural beauty work together to create a tranquil and meditative atmosphere.

Hemakuta hill, Virupaksa temple in Hampi. Karnataka, India.

Matanga Hill:

Matanga Hill is the perfect location for people looking for adventure and a stunning dawn or sunset vista. The panoramic views of the surrounding boulders, ruins, and Tungabhadra River are just breathtaking. The journey to the top is rewarding.

Matanga Hill hampi

Achyutaraya Temple:

The Achyutaraya Temple, which is devoted to Lord Tiruvengalanatha, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, is an architectural marvel with elaborate carvings that tell a variety of legendary tales.

Achyutaraya Temple Hampi

Hazara Rama Temple:

Known for its magnificent frescoes that represent scenes from the epic Ramayana, the Hazara Rama Temple is unique. This temple provides a graphic account of Lord Rama’s life and exploits.

Hazara Rama Temple Hampi

Riverside Ruins:

Exploring the riverfront ruins along Hampi’s Tungabhadra River is a singular experience and adds to the city’s attractiveness. Some of the must-see sights along the riverbank include the King’s Balance, the Queen’s Bath, and the recognizable stone chariot of the Vitthala Temple.

Riverside Ruins Hampi

Hampi invites visitors to explore its ruins and immerse themselves in the stories of its illustrious past since it is a living history book. Hampi delivers a voyage that transcends time and leaves an imprint on every traveler’s heart with its breathtaking architecture and enthralling sceneries.


Hampi Tour Plan:

Day 1: arrival in Hampi

  • Arrive at Hospet, which is the city closest to Hampi.
  • Enter your lodging and then take a nap.
  • Investigate the Virupaksha Temple and Hampi Bazaar in the evening.
  • Attend the Virupaksha Temple’s evening aarti (ritual).

Day 2: Hampi exploration 

  • View the Stone Chariot and melodic pillars in the Vittala Temple complex.
  • Discover the Lotus Mahal and the Elephant Stables in the Royal Enclosure.
  • For views of the dawn or sunset, climb Matanga Hill.

Day 3: Visits to a riverside and temples

  • Visit the riverfront ruins, the King’s Balance, and the Queen’s Bath.
  • Investigate the frescoes in the Hazara Rama Temple.
  • Discover the beautiful carvings of the Achyutaraya Temple.

Day 4: Exploring the spiritual and natural world

  • Start your day to the temples on Hemakuta Hill.
  • Examine the statues of Sasivekalu and Kadalekalu Ganesha.
  • Relax along the Tungabhadra River while at the Riverside Ruins.

Day 5: Departure from Hampi

  • Depending on when you leave, you can see any last-minute attractions or do souvenir shopping in the Hampi Bazaar.
  • Check out of your lodging and head to your next location.

Hampi tour

How to reach Hampi:

By Air: Hubli Airport (HBX), located around 160 kilometres from Hampi, is the closest significant airport. To get to Hampi from the airport, use a bus or a taxi.

By Train: The closest train station to Hampi is Hospet Junction (HPT). It has excellent connections to important Indian cities. To go to Hampi from Hospet, you can take a bus, an auto-rickshaw, or a cab.

By Road: Numerous cities may be reached by road from Hampi. From adjacent towns and cities, both state-run and private buses travel to Hampi. For added convenience, you can also call a taxi or use ride-sharing services.


Travel Tips :

  • Winter (October to February) is the ideal time to visit Hampi because the weather is comfortable for sightseeing.
  • Due to the uneven terrain and ruins you will be touring, bring sturdy walking shoes.
  • Bring water, sunscreen, and a hat with you as sun protection.
  • While visiting temples and historic sites, be respectful of the regional traditions and heritage.
  • Engage with local guides to learn more about the background and significance of each location.

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